Faith Summit@Tirthraj Prayag. Reinvent urself with Dwadash Madhav Parikrama & collect divine rewards

Sit in the lotus feet of Bhagwan Shri Hari & experience true love,devotion,spiritual awakening, joy of giving/serving,miracle of worship/surrender.bring ur chakras in balance.Enance ur business profit  

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is Dwadash Madhav Parikrama?
Answer: Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama is the oldest parikrama on earth. Parikrama is the holy hindu ritual in which devotee walks around the deity. Bhagwan Shri Madhav Ji is the supreme creator and has twelve forms here at tirthraj prayag also known as kumbha city in India
Question: Who started this parikrama?
Answer: This holy parikrama was started by a great hindu scholar, first native of prayag and son of Bhagwan shri brahma ji, shri bhardwaj muni.
Question: Why I have to perform parikrama?
Answer: Because this is one of the holiest and most sacred parikrama. By performing this parikrama one can nullify his/her sins of present/previous births and can witness rise of punya(unvisible wealth).
Question: Can we donate?
Answer: We don't accept donations.
Question: Can I become volunteer?
Answer: Yes, you can become volunteer and enjoy the joy of serving in the lotus feet of almighty God. To get more info click here.
Question: How it is retreat?
Answer: It is retreat because it gives you opportunity to recharge for next years.
Question: How it is tourism?
Answer: Travelling, sight seeing and other components are inbuilt in this event, so it is one of the best examples of tourism.
Question: How it is vacation?
Answer: You are going to enjoy 6 days vacation at parikrama.
Question: How you meet expenses?
Answer: We rely solely on training programmes which are inbuilt in events. We don't charge for lodging/fooding etc. We charge only for training and learning programmes and acomodation through our acomodation partners.
Question: Can we get any certificate/gift on completion of parikrama?
Answer: Yes, we honour every participant with certificate, momento and some gift in closing ceremoney.
Question: How do you perform parikrama by foot or by vehicle?
Answer: Both by vehicle and foot.
Question: How can I become Shri Madhav Kul Bhushan and what are the advantages?
Answer: Any one can become Shri Madhav Kul Bhushan by motivating minimum 10 people to perform yearly parikrama. These 10 people may be your friend/relative/known people and may belong to your city/state/country. All Shri Madhav Kul Bhushan will get return 3 ac fare and Rs.1000 as falicitation amount. To know more send code o4 along with your name, city name through whats app at 9452095265.
Question: I am a poor hindu devotee, how can I perform this holy parikrama free of cost?
Answer: You can perform this holy parikrama free of cost by becoming Shri Madhav Kul Bhushan.
Question: I am a hindu devotee living outside India?
Answer: We are calling every hindu(sanatan dharm follower) living across the globe to promote this holy parikrama,every such people may:
            1-Promote our website amongst                     friends/relatives/known people.
            2-Motivate people to participate in this event.
            3-You can write about this holy parikrama in ur blog/fb page/twitter/website.
            4-You can motivate ur near&dear living in India to take part in this parikrama.