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Have u experienced Divine Blessing, ever? If no,than come & experience it by performing Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama.World citizen can have a good Volunteering & Spiritual Tourism opportunity  

Frequently asked questions for Volunteers 


Question: Why should I join your volunteer programme?

Answer: As volunteer you are going to get opportunity to render your services in the lotus feet of Bhagwan shri madhav ji who is the supreme god as per our believe. As we all know that Bhagwan shri dwadash madhav parikrama is the oldest and most sacred parikrama on earth. It is a matter of pride to become part of this holy parikrama. As volunteer you will also complete this 5 days holy parikrama with all the parikrama seekers without paying any money.

  Question: I would like to become volunteer. Please guide me how can I apply?

Answer: It is very simple. Apply here and follow instructions.

Question: Is there any last date to apply?
Answer: No but applications are entertained before 15 days of event date.

Question: What are the qualifications to become volunteer?

Answer: The person(M/F) should have minimum age of 18 years with good conduct and habits. No maximum age limit. Candidate should be vegetarian and non addict. It is a golden chance for those who want to turn as non vegetarian. During event days many person used to change their entire habit/behavior. So take this opportunity to change your habits.
Question: Is there any charges to become volunteer?
Answer: Presently No any charges, but you have to pay INR 100 as enrollment fee at reception.
Question: As volunteer what I have to do?
Answer: After in time reporting and enrollment, every volunteer will be assigned work as per his/her qualification, experience and efficiency. The successful completion of 5 days parikrama event will be the sole collective responsibility of volunteers.
Question: I have no experience, still I would like to apply?
Answer: No problem. You can join us but you have to posses two basic things- will and ability to serve the people.
Question: Is there any remuneration?
Answer: No we can not pay the price services rendered by our volunteers but each volunteer will get INR 1000 per day as felicitation amount.
Question: Is there any fixed working hour?
Answer: No, but there will no any burden of work.
Question: As volunteer how many days I have to spend?
Answer: Only one week, from 12 to 18 November 2017.

Question: What facilities I am going to get as volunteer?
Answer: After enrollment at the event venue, every volunteer will get free lodging in temporarily created city of tents at the holy bank of ganga yamuna and saraswati, along with food, wi-fi connectivity and all necessary aminities. You will feel here like your own home.

Question: When I have to report at Allahabad?
Answer: On 12 November 2017 up to 5 PM.

Question: How should I reach Allahabad?
Answer: Allahabad is well connected with air, rail and road ways from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and all major cities of India. Any one can reach easily by road, rail and air ways.

Question: How can I get felicitation amount?
Answer: Every volunteer will get felicitation amount in closing function scheduled on 18 November 2017. It may be stopped in case of any unusual/unexpected act.
Question: Should I get two and fro fare?
Answer: Presently only top five volunteer will be entitled to get two and fro rail fare of 3rd AC, but we are seriously thinking about extending this facility to all volunteers.
Question: After applying can I render some services staying at my place?
Answer: Yes after registering as volunteer, you become our family member. You can render following services at your end:
1-Take regular update about Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama, from our website  and from internet and share it with your friends/known people.
2-Get regular update from Notice Board
3-Sign online petition and motivate others to sign.
4-Motivate more and more people to take part in retreat parikrama.
5-Take printout of free flyer&distribute it to ur friends/known people.
6-Write about Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama on ur blog/facebook/twitter.
7-Like and comment on our  facebook page.
8-Follow us at twitter.
9-You can download wallpaper & place it on ur desktop/laptop/cell phone.
10-You can join our affiliate program for additional income.
11-You can setup our link to ur blog/website/ facebook/twitter.