Retreat@Kumbha City.Recharge urself with Dwadash Madhav Parikrama.Get everything u r searching4years

Have u experienced Divine Blessings ever?If no,than come&experience it by performing Lord Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama.World citizen can have a good Retreat Volunteering&Spiritual Tourism opportunity  

                Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Yearly

                         Parikrama, Tirthraj Prayag

                             14-18 November 2017

As per Sanatan knowledge Bhagwan Shri Brahma Ji first of all created divine Yagya and performed it at Prayag.This was his very first creation.To ensure successful performance and to protect it from evil forces Bhagwan Shri Vishnu ji deputed himself in 12 directions outside Prayag. Later these twelve forms of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu are called as Dwadash Madhav. Bramharishi Shri Bhardwaj, true native of Prayag and son of Bhagwan Shri Brahma Ji, started Bhagwan Shri Madhav Prikrama very first time. As per Maharishi Shri Bhardwaj no ritual can be completed at Prayag without the blessings of Bhagwan Shri Madhav Ji which is the chief deity of Prayag (sthan devata). For the blessing of Bhagwan Shri Mahav Ji, Parikrama is must. After a long gap of 600 years this holy parikrama and its spiritual importance has been revieved by Shri Madhav Kul, which come in to existence with the blessings of Spiritual Guru His Holiness Swami Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj founder-Divine Yagya and Tatvagyan Divine Mission Prayag. Any devotee can perform this prikrama after completing any ritual at Prayag or it can be performed before leaving Prayag. Any devotee from any part of India and abroad can complete this parikrama without any discrimination. Current year parikrama is scheduled on 14 November 2017 and will be concluded on 18 November 2017. All saints, spiritual guru, devotees around the world are invited to take part in this holy parikrama which is the oldest one. Register Now
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