Retreat@Kumbha City.Recharge urself with Dwadash Madhav Parikrama.Get everything u r searching4years

Have u experienced Divine Blessing, ever? If no,than come & experience it by performing Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama.World citizen can have a good Volunteering & Spiritual Tourism opportunity  

Facilities and request to the devotee who want to take part in 
Bhagwan Shri Madhav Parikrama

For daily parikrama
Shri Madhav Kul will be happy to welcome all people who want to complete Parikrama of Bhagwan Shri Madhav Ji
  • Prikrama will start each day at 7 A.M. sharp from Sangam, Prayag.
  • Parikrama will be concluded at 7P.M.
  • The total rout of parikrama is about 100 k.m. two and fro.
  • Parikrama rout will be covered by comfortable vehicle.
  • Devotees will get refreshment at start, launch, tea and at last momento and lunch packs for journey.
  • All are advised and requested to enroll their name in advance.
  • Please be particular about timing

For Yearly Parikrama
Devotees those interested to perform 5 days yearly parikrama scheduled on 14 to 18 Nov 2017, are requested to register their name through mail. They will get complete instructions through responder.
Now every people can fullfill his/her dreams/desire through parikrama and shri Madhav sadhna.
for more info contact today